I've been involved in website design and computer programming since the web was young.

I'm Neil Ross. I've never been far from arts & crafts, design and technology for as far back as I can remember. With the advent of the PC in the early 80s and the subsequent invention and roll out of the internet/web it all come together in the form of website design and computer programming - a natural evolutionary move from my then current business Ross Signs where I kept the old craft of free hand lettering and design alive for many years, along side the design and production of almost every other type of signmaking such as perspex shop fascias and letters, engraved signs and plaques, screen printing and a whole lot more.

I still operate my sign company, in fact all my IT work is done through this company Ross Signs Ltd. www.ross-signs.co.uk, (Neil-R Internet is a marketing arm of Ross Signs Ltd.) but nowadays I concentrate on engraved signs and plaques, memorial and commemorative plaques and industrial traffolyte engraving etc.

I've been designing and producing websites since the early 90s when the best download speed was like walking knee-deep through solid rock! When you used to sit and stare at the screen with the web page slowly growing in front of your eyes. Seemed fantastic at the time but unbelievably slow nowadays. But you need to start somewhere and it's the same for those businesses new to the web. Mostly a modest low cost website is more than adequate to get your feet wet.

But it needs to be nicely designed and suit your particular business.

So, if you choose me as your webmaster to produce and host your website, it's myself personally who you'll be dealing with. Why not contact me now with your questions or ideas...

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