Websites come in all shapes and sizes.

I don't offer 'cookie-cut' websites where they are plucked off a shelf in the hope that they will do the job. Instead I listen to what the customer wants, and then I produce a website tailored to their requirements. Some are simple, some are complex.

The main thing is that they are designed to reflect your business or organisation's personality and that they provide you with a method of presenting your services or products in a professional manner.

Essentially - small or large, websites feature your business by providing editorial and by displaying photographs of your services and products. The difference is in size - the quantity of pages and the amount of information on each. But they all provide you with a window on the world where interested and existing parties can keep up to date with what you are doing and what you offer and can contact you direct in a matter of seconds, day or night.

Depending on size and complexity, sites can normally be designed and produced fairly quickly and at very affordable prices.

Typically sold as a package comprising

  • Website design and development
  • Domain name registration (in YOUR name)
  • Website hosting services
  • Email accounts under your domain name e.g.

Prices start at £299 for a very nicely produced brochure website. Normally thest types of site would suit a small B&B, Clubs and Small Businesses.  From there, prices increase depending on requirements and scale.

Enquire now. There's no commitment to buy and there's only one way of determining what you require and how much it is likely to cost - we need to discuss your ideas and requirements.

Website Makeovers

For those site that are showing their age in either design or for technical reasons due to browser upgrades, and the introduction of new technology, I offer a Makeover service. This can be as much as a complete redevelopment or a simple freshen up, or perhaps repair of old technology that is causing your website to display incorrectly.  Whatever the case, it does no harm to enquire and discuss. As always there is no commitment if you decide not to go ahead, so enquire anyway.

Content Management System (CMS)

We can provide you with your own CMS to enable you to manage the site content. Update pages, add photographs to pages and galleries all without any programming knowledge.

Website and Email Hosting

We can host your website on managed servers which means that we take care of everything server side. This is our preference as it cuts out the middle man when something goes wrong or if you think there is something not quite right, we can check immediately - no waiting (sometimes for days) for an obscure hosting company to answer your query. We also know that the server is being well maintained and isn't being oversubscribed.

Email services

Your service can include dedicated email accounts @ your own domain. For example if you have registered the domain name "", you can have various email accounts under that doamin name such as or etc. If hosted by us, you can access your mail on the likes of Outlook, Thunderbird, on your mobile phone or via webmail. Webmail can be used from any computer attached to the internet, anywhere in the world. Very handy if away on business or holiday.

Domain Name Registration

Registering your own domain name can be done by yourself online of we can register it on your behalf. Beware if registering it yourself that the company you register it with does not register it in THEIR name! This is all too common practice, and essentially ties you to them when looking to have a website developed or to have one hosted, as the domain name remains in their name.  We register all domain names in the client's name. It's your property as long as you decide to continue the registration.

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